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Before you register, we invite you to read carefully the rules of your discipline (which have been modified), as well as the general rules concerning the values and criteria of the Olymp'Arts. These values must be respected in order for your application to be successful:
Universality (immediate understanding by all cultures)
Pacifism (no violence, no aggression, no vulgarity, no propaganda)
Harmony (felt positive and jubilant emotion)
The theme of 2019 : Environment / energy  

* * *
So as to help you understand the philosophy of the Olymp'Arts, it is important that you take into account the definition of Beauty that has been chosen by our movement :  
Beauty for the "Olympic Arts" is an experience that is related to absence of concept and definition. It must provide, immediately and beyond reason, a jubilant emotion. "Beauty" is a universal "evidence", that is not analyzed but which is felt.
The artist our movement seeks is the one who, through their creativity, will transpose this beauty, which comes from nature and the invisible worlds around us, but which our reason can neither see, nor hear nor feel.

* * *
You must keep in mind at all times that this is the first time in the world that an artistic gathering imposes humanistic values in an exhaustive manner on its artists. You should take your time to search and discover how to transmit all these values together in the same work. This will be your masterpiece!  

* * * 
Those candidates not selected for 2019, for whatever reason, technical or qualitative, will be invited to continue their artistic research for the following olympiads of 2023, for which they will be given priority for registration.
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CAUTION : Registrations (public and artists) as well as the deposit of pilots and extracts requested from the artists are no longer limited in time. We will inform you in due time about the dates and the classification of the pilots and selected extracts, according to the planning and the distribution of the disciplines. We invite you to regularly check the site to keep you informed of news that will be posted regularly on the homepage.

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